Inhabit /Spotlight on a Website

25 Nov




I came across this site a few months ago while I was searching the web for sustainable bedding and pillows for a client . My client found a stunning, but WAY overpriced duvet cover made with recycled content and was dying to find affordable options.  Inhabit surely fits that bill! Most if not all of the items on their site are Made from 100% sustainable recycled polyester and or other materials.  They Handprinted and handmade in the USA with environmentally-friendly inks with no chemical waste or disposal generated. All paper waste from this process is repurposed as shredded packing material. Product is recyclable at the end of its life-cycle.  Check out the “about” page on the site, it has a great story about the husband & wife run company!

I’m sure most of you just said “What?” and “I’m so not going to read this.”….Now just wait a minute. I know this sounds booring but I think we should all try to learn one new thing a day. Plus, what kind of designer would I be if I didn’t share my fabulous find with you all?

What is sustainability and why care?   Sustainability can be many different things – a motto, an ideal, a way to do business or a way to live your life. The term “sustainability” is often misunderstood and misused, and not everyone agrees on its definition.  Generally, however, there is a commonly understood idea of sustainability – that is, the capacity for continuance into the long term. Think ……
Forum For the Future recently defined sustainable development as ”a dynamic process which enables all people to realize their potential and improve their quality of life in ways that simultaneously protect and enhance the Earth’s life support systems.”

Did you get all of that?  I’m sure the best way for you to relate is to the term “Green”.

What does it mean to go green?  It means you accept the job of caring for the planet. There are many ways to go green. It can mean that you recycle and use recycled goods. It may mean that you drive a hybrid car or ride a bicycle everywhere you go. These are just a few examples of going green. In order to lessen our footprint or impact on the planet, we must go green every way we can!

Now I’m not what you would call a “tree hugger”, but I do believe that we can all do our part!  Inhabit brings style and a unique creativity to everyday household items.  Now that deserves a Hug! Check out the site, even if its not up your alley, your can walk away knowing a bit more about what’s out there in this big ole world!


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