Miss Manners

30 Mar


A few months ago I put up a post about Specialty Pet Training and it’s wonderful owner Anne O’Neil.  I couldn’t resist another post about Anne and her AMAZING dog training skills.  I am able to finally say this with out crying so here it goes……this past January we lost our German Short haired Pointer Cricket when she was hit by a car.  It was devastating to loose such a blessing of an animal at the young age of 13 months.  Anne was such a comfort to us and has been with us through it all, little did she know we would be back at puppy phase as soon as we had the chance. Our 4 month old Brittany Spaniel Caddo Brown is now in our lives and has recently graduated from Anne’s puppy kindergarten, Yea Caddo….Sit…..Stay….Stay….GOOD GIRL!  I am such a proud mama! 

Raising a puppy for the second time in a year has been quite the challenge! We have managed to avoid the loss or total destruction of any expensive shoes, furniture or carpet for the second time.   So with all of that said enjoy a few shots of Miss Uptown Caddo Brown, she is already on track to be a great hunting partner for my hubby!



Here are my two girls (Caddo Left & Cricket Right) side by side. I love puppy head shots!  It”s amazing and wonderful to see Caddo so attached to Cricket’s favorite toys. 



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