Mirror Mirror….on way more than the wall

28 Apr

Baaa Linnngg! Put your sunglasses on because it’s about to get blingy around here! It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of anything mirrored, chrome, crystal and just plain sparkly. As a matter of fact, I always manage to have at least one of them placed in a project, just ask my clients! So, as I complete a few of my residential and commercial projects, I thought I would share a few of the pieces that have inspired me….and a few that have stolen my hard earned american dollar!
Keep your eye on the blog and website for more project updates in the gallery! I will be setting up the commercial project gallery as soon as I can snag a moment of Melanie’s time (my amazingly talented friend and project paparazzi).

Now being a fan of the bling comes with the HUGE task of keeping it under control and knowing when to use it in small doses. I say you can never have enough bling. Nothing makes my heart pitter patter more than a mirrored buffet with a stunning set of mirrored lamps! All this a bit much for you? Maybe you love the look but just aren’t sure how to make it work in your space. Try adding a unique mirror over your fireplace or over an entry table. It will reflect any natural light in the space and add a touch of safistacation to any casual room.


I love how this cabinet glams up the living area.

Bedroom heavy with dark furniture? Try adding mirrored night stands or if you can live without a fan, install a light fixture with a touch of crystal or chrome for an updated and cozy feel!

Here are a few Chrome, Crystal and Mirrored Chandeliers sure to make any room shine.

Let’s start with my absolute favorite go to retailer for bling….Zgallerie
You can’t get much better than Zgallerie for well priced accessories, frames, lamps and furnture!
This darling coffee table graces our living room.

Other favs that get and “A” in the bling department…. Horchow, Worlds Away and let’s not forget Tar Gee‘!
We recently used the Espresso finish for a dining room in a contemporary Louisiana home. What a stunner and it makes the room… Look for pics soon!! And also in white! Both from Worlds Away

I love this idea!! If we didn’t have windows on either side of of bed these would be a done deal. O Well..maybe in our next place.


Even Donald Trump knows that it’s all about bling…His Park Avenue line of mirrored night stands are FABULOUS!!!

Now get to blingin!


3 Responses to “Mirror Mirror….on way more than the wall”

  1. Sze-Sze October 27, 2010 at 12:37 AM #


    Love the pictures you have up of furniture items that you love.

    There’s a picture of a stunning black and white chair (2nd pic down) with silver nail heads. Any idea where you got that picture from and where I can find those chairs? I also love the thin mirrored lamp…gorgeous…where can I find these items!!!


  2. Leah February 19, 2011 at 2:34 PM #

    Where is the purple bedspread from in the purple and white bedroom photo?

  3. studioten25 February 23, 2011 at 9:28 AM #

    Hi Leah,
    I’m not sure where it is from but try looking at bliss living or cb2, they have great purples.

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