Barking Hound Village…It’s gone to the dogs and that’s a good thing!

6 May

The new and improved Barking Hound Village is complete! The entrance has been polished up with stunning striped drapes, concrete pups greeting you at the entrance and a custom flag flying high! The suites are decked out and ready for their first guest to rest up between play groups. Lisa and Jeremy Jone’s dream of a Chic Boutique doggy daycare and boarding facility has finally come true. We showed you a sneak peek a few weeks ago and promised to share the completed space…well the wait is over!

Just incase you missed the details on Barking Hound Village from our last they are again.
A big thanks to our models! Chip, Brownie, Molly, Xavi and Caddo had a blast at the photo shoot. Once again, we have to thank Melanie @ Melanie Johnson Photography for her amazing pics!

This is the fanciest doggy daycare and boarding facility in the Dallas area and your four legged friends will be in doggy heaven! With a chic boutique hotel ambiance, your pooch will think they have gone away for a resort vacation even if its just for the day. Think W Hotel for your four legged friend! We have managed to take an old dated 1980’s building once used as a steak house and turn it into the Owner’s vision for a modern doggy daycare. Lisa and Jeremy Jones are dedicated to providing the best experience for your four-legged friend! They have created a safe, and comfortable place for your dog to have a “home away from home”. The plan is that every puppy will have plenty of space to frolic around during their multiple play groups and then relax while taking a nap in one of BHV’s white picket fence kennels! check out their website

Here are a few of the fabulous amenities (along with pictures) that Barking Hound Village offers:

HUGE private “penthouse” suites with T.V., twin bed and plenty of room to stretch out.

Spacious individual suites made to look like white picket fences…soooo cute!

Large outdoor play areas with plenty of shade and room to frolic with friends

Huge indoor playroom with ramps and slides that provide hours of entertainment for the most active dog. No matter what mother nature dishes out, there is always a place to play!

-Large “bath” area to clean up even the most stinky or scruffy pup.


2 Responses to “Barking Hound Village…It’s gone to the dogs and that’s a good thing!”

  1. David York May 8, 2009 at 9:57 PM #

    WOW!!! This is the greatest place for pups in Dallas. Not only does it look great….they provide the best care in the city and REALLY love the dogs. Keep up the good work, Lisa and Jeremy. The dogs of Dallas LOVE you!!

  2. CeliaSue May 11, 2009 at 8:11 AM #

    looks like a fun place for pooches, if / when am in dallas will check it out …

    my dog and I mostly travel in California checking out fun places but ya never know when we will be branching out to other states !

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