Movin on up…Bachelor Style

21 May

table base

One of my favorite pictures of the loft, you can see the entire living room through the chrome base of the side table.

He’s Baaaacccckkkkk!!!  My favorite bachelor is movin on up….to a delux apartment in the sky…..only it’s in downtown Dallas instead of the East Side! Ahhh, the consummate bachelor, loves to entertain and his downtown loft should be the perfect place for that. The loft’s number one purpose is to serve as the perfect urban social location.  Since his primary residence leans more towards the sophisticated side of traditional this was his opportunity to have it all. And when it came to decorating this 1,500 square foot loft, he knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted a hip and modern feel with edgy yet comfortable pieces to lounge around on.  The bedrooms are minimal yet comfortable and provide a nice place to crash after a late night on the town. But the crowning glory of this loft is the high-tech toys, a pool table and arcade area and an in home recording studio that resides in the once master closet.

Since it is typical of loft apartments to be bare and industrial in nature, I wanted to provide more texture, color and interest.  I combined a variety of different wood tones, bright fabrics and colorful accessories. The effect is warm and trendy, and it avoids the predictable and uninspired look of a matching suite of furniture.  By designing some custom details and evoking a feeling of the great urban surroundings, we softened this loft’s hard edges and created a space that has both good looks and the details for an urban social getaway.

All I want to know is….Can you add me to the guest list at your next house party?

Enjoy the pics from the FABULOUS Melanie Johnsonview




grey chair

shaggy ball

2 Responses to “Movin on up…Bachelor Style”

  1. Melanie May 25, 2009 at 7:44 AM #

    I LOVE IT! As usual, your work is amazing!

  2. studioten25 May 25, 2009 at 8:52 AM #

    Awww stop it! Thank you but you are my secret weapon!!! Your amazing!

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