Pillow Talk

11 Jun

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Pillows from AlexandraFerguson.Com

Besides my ongoing obsession for lamps, chandeliers and mirrored pieces I have been recently been a bit obsessed with pillows. Yes, I know it sounds a bit strange but the impact a pillow can have on a space is intruiging to me!  Pillows are an affordable way to spruce up a space and create a fresh new look and feel with out breaking the bank.  My husband and I share the same style with the exception of color. He loves dark muted colors that are simple and “manly”. And being the “girly girl” that I am, I love pops of fun cheery colors like fuschia, purple and turquoise!

So, since I was up until 1:30 am looking at tons of fabulous pillow options for our living room and bedroom…I wanted to share a few resources with you.  Sometimes I want to branch out beyond the masses and find something a bit more unique and fabulous!

I love the fun bold & muted colors with bold texture on these Bliss Pillows. Fun options an great designers to pick from too!

bliss bliss4 bliss2 blissja

Here are a few stunning finds from my new favorite site…Etsy

Mik & Cookies Canada

MHpink MHblack

MH Pillow

Robins Egg Pink

RE re2

KainKain Shop

kain3 kain2

Kain kain4

Alexandra Ferguson….what a hip gal! Love her pillows and custom options!!!

Handmade one and at time and machine embroidery adds the finishing touch, with the logo at the center back bottom, and in some cases a whimsical phrase to surprise you on the back. Zipper closures allow for removable inserts. The handmade and organic process by which the pillow covers are made mean that each one is one of a kind and unique.




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