Organizing with my cover girl!

19 Sep

It has been a busy weekend around the Studio. This weekend my #1 goal was to ORGANIZE that overgrown pile of paperwork & magazines from the past few months. In between new project proposals, scheduling contractors and updating my quickbooks I finally found time to pick up that huge pile that we have been stepping over for a while. Although finding time to flip through each of the magazines is always a challenge, putting them away where I can access them easily was the solution I was looking for.

Of course organizing isn’t much fun alone, so miss Ivy decided she would lend a little moral support! We headed to The Container Store and purchased their graphite gray magazine files!  Back in the studio…the organization begins.

One of the first piles to tackle:


Ivy, my little helper is standing by to help out:


We are making progress:


The magazine files before & after:

IMG_0996 IMG_0998

Mission Accomplished! Ivy apparently wore herself out…looks like it’s nap time:



One Response to “Organizing with my cover girl!”

  1. Anne ONeill October 1, 2009 at 1:11 PM #

    This is me with all my Dog Magazines. I so need to do this too. You have inspired me!!

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