Home office sneak peak

28 Dec

I have been working on a fun project for a client and have finally finished the design development on their home office.  My client has had beautiful dark espresso hardwood floors installed throughout most of their first floor and we are in the process of updating the fireplace, furnishing the living room and creating a romantic glamourous master bedroom!  As you can see there are lots of things to do around their place and these newlyweds have great style too.

The home office is going to be awesome! My client has already purchased the desk from Crate & Barrel and is looking for a stylish way to store and hide his printer, files and everyday office items.  This room is on the fast track so I will share the details as they begin to unfold!

Here is a sneak peak of the finish board and a floor plan of the room.  The layout of the room is simple. There will be two “floating” bookshelves on the back wall with the storage console in between.  My client has a painting that he has purchased and it will be come the focal point of the room as it hangs between the bookshelves. You can see the elevation of the back wall to the right of the floor plan.

This rug is stunning and will look great on top of the dark hardwood floors. I love how the rug ties in with the painting and we will add a few more pops of orange to complete the space.


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