Snow Day Updates

15 Feb

I am finally shaking off the flu that has been kicking my booty and wanted to share some of the project updates around the Studio.  Last Thursday was AMAZING, Dallas received over 12″ of snow and it really was magical. Of course I felt like death on a stick and had completely lost my voice but did manage to take in the fabulous snow day. The snow was fluffy and didn’t stop all day! The girls (our dogs) had a blast playing WWF in the back yard and I did manage to tag them with snowballs!

Here are a few pics of the neighborhood and the girls playing in the snow.

Now, on to the productive part of my weekend. In my last post, I gave a shout out to City Craft here in Dallas. A few weeks ago I picked up a few yards of a fun fabric to use in my new office. I am having the studio photographed in a few weeks so I needed to shake a leg and finish the details. I have a built in book case area in the room and it really needed a pop of color.  I am a big fan of pink so I have really tried hard to keep the accent to a minimum…I tend to get carried away.

So, with a few inexpensive project boards from JoAnn Fabrics…$2.95 for two of them….a glue gun and my new awesome fabric scissors I got to work. Now, my dull bookshelves have a fun pop of color and have added another great layer to the room. Of course I couldn’t neglect the lampshade so I got to work on that too.  I am also excited about my new pearl white ceramic peacocks! They are my favorite addition and I feel like I got a steal of a deal. I found them at an antique mall here in Dallas, $35 for both!

Here are the results! I can’t wait to show you the final profession pics from Melanie Johnson in a few weeks!


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