Weight a Minute

12 Apr

Wikipedia says:  A paperweight is an object designed to hold sheets of paper on a surface to prevent wind from blowing them away. Since this is an issue rarely encountered in modern offices, the term paperweight has taken on an additional connotation for a technical device which, having broken or failed at its original purpose, is now essentially worthless ( I strongly disagree) beyond the value of its physical mass. Purpose-made decorative paperweights are also widely produced and appreciated as pieces of art (rather than their actual use in holding down papers in a breeze), and are often exhibited in museums as examples of fine glass art.

Lots to say from Shop Moxie

The Classic Diamond Paperweight

Dandelion Paperweight

Personalized Paperweights from Red Stamp

Inkwell Paperweight

Andy Warhol

And his Campbell’s Soup

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