Missing My Girls

12 May

I really don’t like to flood the blog with personal post but I couldn’t resist…I’m missing my girls! I was organizing all of  my project images and came across these precious shots of Caddo & Ivy. Caddo is a Brittany Spaniel and Ivy is a German Shorthair Pointer. They have been at “bird dog school” for the past two weeks and I am really missing their furry faces and sweet kisses. My husband thinks I’m crazy for treating bird dogs to such a spoiled life! But, when the girls are in the house they must have manners. A girl’s gotta keep her new bedding and furniture clean somehow.

When Melanie Johnson photographed our master bedroom, we had the girls “pose” for the camera. Caddo was shy of course while Ivy was dying to get all of the attention….and the treat that was in my hand!

Melanie also snagged a few outdoor shots that afternoon.  Excuse the icky backyard, Texas had  a rough winter!

Chasing a squirrel across the yard.

I swear they knew Melanie was photographing them, they were posing and waiting for her to take the shot.

Checking out the mail man.


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