Guest Blogger {Green Bridge White House}

30 Dec

Today we welcome Kelli from Green Bridge White House Blog!  Kelli is an interior designer in Colorado and recently started her blog to share her work, inspiration and life in Colorado! I think your going to want to add this one to your blog roll!  Thank  you Kelli for this fabulous post! I love your take on the 2011 color of the year, Honeysuckle!

Hey guys! I’m so happy to be over here guest blogging while Abbe is on vacation and today I want to talk color. As you may have heard, Pantone has named Honeysuckle as their color for 2011. I can tell you that personally I love this color; maybe becuase it is very close to the color scheme used on my blog! However, as an interior designer I’m thinking that it could pose some design challenges this year so I thought it would be a good idea to explore how to use this color in two different scenarios.

The first design concept that we are going to explore is using Honeysuckle as an accent color. This is an easy approach when designing a space, create a neutral pallet like this and let the pink really punch out and liven things up. This approach is great when designing for clients who like to have the latest trend or who often like to change their look.

This approach also allows clients to be a part of the latest trend without spending thousands on an entire new living room every year. Paint, pillows, accent rugs, artwork and accessories can be easy to work around with a client who is on a budget so incorporating Honeysuckle in these areas can be a win win! And when the next color trend or season comes, look how easy it is to change the space by changing the accent color?

The second design concept for incorporating Honeysuckle is for that client who wants the latest trend in every way, every day. We see here that Honeysuckle is the main color used but in varying degrees of light and dark. This creates depth and interest without being totally monochromatic and boring. In this design we used Honeysuckle for the wall color but also in the floral print wallpaper. We all know painting a room is a great way to change a look without spending tons of money but making the commitment to wallpaper should be considered a long term investment. Also incorporating Honeysuckle in the main sofa fabric and area rugs makes a big impact on the design of this space and again are investment pieces that should last longer than the season or trend. Accents of honeysuckle are found in the artwork, pillows and accessories to bring the design full circle. There is greater risk involved with this “all in” approach as the design could feel dated in a shorter period of time but with great risk can come great reward. Maybe you would find yourself getting published for such an innovative design and bold use of color!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post today and I please stop by Green Bridge White House anytime!


4 Responses to “Guest Blogger {Green Bridge White House}”

  1. Mia Y. Marchadesch December 30, 2010 at 12:22 AM #

    Hi!! Studio Ten 25:-) I am Catwife (aka Mia). Am honored to be mentioned beside you in Delightfully Chic’s blog:-) I hope we can blog friends from opposite sides of the word…

    I also blog at
    more of my moodboard and visual gallery. I wil surely use your site as one of my inspirations for both blogs:-)

    Hope we can follow each other:-)

  2. L.duncan December 30, 2010 at 9:23 PM #

    I have seriously been thinking about incorporating this color into my decor this year. Only with accents though. Thanks for the examples of how it can be used both ways!


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