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31 Dec

Today Jenni from Jenni 20 Designs is sharing her new home and plans for organizing and displaying her large collection of books! She creates travel accessories and gifts that will help you and your loved ones reduce and reuse! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her laundry bags, super vintage and chic!
Her new packaging is awesome and the products are packaged in biodegradable & compostable clear sleeves. These bags are PLA products which mean they are made from plants! If you don’t have a compost pile, just bury this bag in the back garden. 🙂  Check out her fabulous Etsy Boutique and The Laundry Bag.
Her gorgeous pasport covers were even featured in Lonny Magazine!

There’s little in life that I love more than a good book. Perhaps the only “treasure” in my house I have more of than piles fabric (and dust bunnies) is a collection of books. And that collection does not discriminate: textbooks, notebooks, coffee table books, trashy paperback books, literary elite books, foreign-language books (that I pretend I can read). You name it, I probably have it.
But can I tell you where it is? Perhaps not. I have books in my bedroom, in my closets, in my garage, in my living room, in my sewing/guest room. I’m pretty sure I have some books stacked in my hallway and I know I have even more books in my bedroom at my mother’s house 350 miles away.
I fell in love with my little post-war cottage when I saw it. Its gleaming hardwood floors, “charming” vintage bathroom, refurbished kitchen, and enormous light-infused windows. And I didn’t listen when certain persons reminded me that moving from a 1600 sq-foot duplex rental into a baaaaarely 1000 sq-ft. home might not be the best choice.

But those floors! Those windows!

I bought it. And I parted with boxes and boxes of books. But there are still more.
But I have a dream for those books—and it doesn’t involve adding on a library wing. I just need a little nook. No, not the digital e-reader—anything but that!

Source: Left, Top & Bottom

Although I’d love a bay window with a window seat like I had when I was a little girl, that is not in the cards. But as my amateur telestrator below shows, I could very easily get some bookshelves (either the Ikea variety or if I’m lucky some custom built-ins), hang my beloved red dupioni silk drapes between the shelves to create a little cove, and put a cozy little velveteen-covered chair in the space between. (Pardon the illustration: I’m working with primitive tools here over the Christmas break, folks.)
What décor dreams can you make a reality in the new year?

(I bet there’s even room for my dust bunnies in that setup.)

PS—I’d also like to fill my shelves with these lovelies:

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Travel fabulous


One Response to “Guest Blogger {Jenni 20 Designs}”

  1. Melissa December 31, 2010 at 2:58 PM #

    Oooh I love those books with the pretty prints on the spine! I do love to read, but rarely have the time. Plus once I pick up a book I find it impossible to do anything else until it’s finished!

    Anyway, this year I’m going to switch rooms with my 3-yo. She’ll be taking my mini craft room, and we’ll turn her large bedroom into a shared studio/homeschool/playroom. We’ll put a big comfy couch or fluffy chairs between our areas, then we can work and play together!

    Great post!

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