Can’t Live Without…

7 Feb

I recently completed an upcoming interview for a fabulous blog and I was asked…

Are there any tools (apps, programs or even just a favorite brand of glue) that you can’t live without?  Tell me what you love about it/them.

Wow, I’m feeling a bit excessive now as I think about this one. So, here we go!  My tape measure, fine point sharpie pens (pink, grey & kelly green are my favs) and  a small notebook are my can’t live withouts.  You never know when you need to measure something and write down the details.  Of course I need a fabulous bag that holds everything too, I love my anthracite pompon because it’s big,(but not too big)  classic and has giant gold hardware! As for programs… Icovia is my go to for floor plans while Adobe Photoshop Elements helps me put it all together.  And of course my Macbook and iPhone are crucial to staying productive.

My favorite places for chic notebooks or “jotters” are Smock & IOMOI. There is nothing better than a fancy little notebook that fits perfectly inside your purse. My go to pens…fine point sharpies and Le Pen! What’s on your list? Have a happy Monday everyone!

– Abbe


One Response to “Can’t Live Without…”

  1. coloremily February 7, 2011 at 9:36 AM #

    I agree with the Sharpies!! I am a Sharpie-holic. Check out my post about Sharpies…

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