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Glamming it up

24 Feb

Sitting Room Before & After

18 Feb

Dallas Home Tour {Leslie Pritchard}

14 Feb

Let It Be

1 Feb

Today I wanted to share how creating custom art from an existing piece is easy and affordable. I have worked with artist Chris Judy on commissioned pieces as well as recreations of his existing works.  You can see more details on his latest commissioned piece for one of my clients HERE & HERE.

Let It Be is one of my absolute favorite pieces from  Chris’ collection and it also happens to be the one most of my clients gravitate towards too.  Most of my clients are not looking to make an investment in commissioned art  but I think I have found a way to fill their need for “custom art” without breaking the budget. Chris is able to take a piece from existing collection, digitally change the colors and create a piece that is custom for the client. Each piece can be printed on canvas or archival paper and the sizes are made to fit the specified space.

Here is the original Let It Be

Here is the first custom piece we worked on. The client wanted to bring in a warm turquoise with pops of plum and lime green.

And a few images of it in the actually room it was customized for.

I am working on another bedroom in need of oversized art and turned to Chris for options. This guest bedroom has oversized furniture  and the teal, gold and ivory bedding look beautiful with the Venetian plaster and warm wood touches.  The room’s only blank wall is in need of a piece with rich color, bold scale and a contemporary feel.  We once again decided to work with Let It Be.

Here is the final draft, I can’t wait to see what my client thinks of the custom look.

The Arrangements

18 Jan

Cleaning Out My Closet

13 Jan

I had finally had enough of my junky messy office closet this past weekend. I couldn’t even get the doors to close anymore and every time I tried to move something to get to something else…I ended up with a bigger mess.  I just couldn’t share the real before’s seriously embarrassing. Here was my end of the year solution, a little better but obviously still not working.

So, I did what any frustrated and unorganized designer would do…I called my mom. She recently moved and decided to take her existing Elfa storage system from The Container Store with her. There was a random mix of left over pieces so I asked her if she would be willing to part with them. FYI, my mother DOES NOT like to give or throw things away because “one day I will need them”.  It drives me crazy that she keeps everything, that’s why she needed the Elfa storage system to begin with!

After she gave me her “I told you so grin”, I headed over to my local Container Store and had them draw up a free design plan to make the most of my space. I gave the designer details of what I needed and she came up with a simple design to help keep me organized.   The total parts list was about $500 so I headed over to my Mom’s to see if she had any of the pieces I needed.

Things were looking good, we found about half of the pieces on the parts list. A few of them needed to be cut to size, so I packed them up in the car and headed over to have them cut and pick up the new pieces.  So..yes…I was very glad that my Mom had the extra pieces in storage. I was able to save $250 after the 30% discount they are running on Elfa.

If you have never installed the Elfa System, I highly recommend it!  The Container Store provides you with drawings, directions and all the parts and pieces to hang the system.  Once the main top rail is installed, everything goes together pretty quickly.


I’m pretty happy with the end result. I now have drawers to keep my fabric samples organized by color! I am also using the drawers to keep my loose stone and wallcovering samples.

I now have a place to keep my current project files, before they were piled up on the floor and always in the way.

My product catalogues, paint decks, and tile samples now have a real home and area easy to find.

A Quick Before & After Under $200

10 Jan

Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share a recent & affordable before and after project. These ottomans were originally upholstered in a dark green pinstriped velvet during the late 80’s. My client has had them sitting around and wasn’t even sure she wanted to recover them. She didn’t want to spend a ton of money but wanted to make a big impact.

From the moment I spotted them, I knew they would be perfect in the new living room configuration. I love the classic shape and the scale was perfect for her living room. Here they are before.

We selected this turquoise and brown graphic diamond pattern fabric with an ivory base. The price was great and the heavy weight of the fabric would be durable enough to put your feet up on.

Total estimated cost breakdown:
Ottomans: Free / Client has had them for about 20 years
Fabric: 4 yards @ $19.99 per yard = $180.00
Labor to reupholster each ottoman: $50 / $100 for both
For a grand total of $180!


And here they are now! These ottomans are completely updated and look beautiful in the living room with the new sofa and accent chairs!


And since we had a little extra fabric left, my client wanted to throw a few lumbar pillows on the sofa. I think everything turned out fabulous and for less than $200

Controlling My Scene

22 Nov

How did you do that?

11 Nov

Looking back….

2 Nov

I love cleaning out my project folders and finding the “wonderful” before shots of pieces that we have had re-upholstered.  It’s great finding pieces in a client’s home that are in good shape but just need an update. It’s saves money in the long run and when a client is attached to a particular piece, re-upholstering it can bring it new life!  It’s hard to believe how pitiful some of these pieces were.

This HUGE accent chair was not bringing it. I love the shape and size of the chair and it was going to work perfectly in another room.  So from a dull khaki…..

…to fabulous in this red velvet diamond pattern!  I can not wait to see the chair in place.

This Chair had everything on our checklist.  Perfect size, ideal shape and ON SALE! We snagged a pair of these chairs on closeout and immediately took them to be re-upholstered.

We used Windor Smith’s Riad in Jet from Kravet. Now, they are exactly what my client was looking for!

This bench was a perfect fit for this king sized but the fabric was not in great condition. Since we were going to be remodeling this master bedroom, covering the bench was a quick and affordable update.

Now this bench has an updated look with a modern medallion pattern from Duralee. We loved it so much that we had accent pillows made for the bed.