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Can’t Live Without…

7 Feb

I recently completed an upcoming interview for a fabulous blog and I was asked…

Are there any tools (apps, programs or even just a favorite brand of glue) that you can’t live without?  Tell me what you love about it/them.

Wow, I’m feeling a bit excessive now as I think about this one. So, here we go!  My tape measure, fine point sharpie pens (pink, grey & kelly green are my favs) and  a small notebook are my can’t live withouts.  You never know when you need to measure something and write down the details.  Of course I need a fabulous bag that holds everything too, I love my anthracite pompon because it’s big,(but not too big)  classic and has giant gold hardware! As for programs… Icovia is my go to for floor plans while Adobe Photoshop Elements helps me put it all together.  And of course my Macbook and iPhone are crucial to staying productive.

My favorite places for chic notebooks or “jotters” are Smock & IOMOI. There is nothing better than a fancy little notebook that fits perfectly inside your purse. My go to pens…fine point sharpies and Le Pen! What’s on your list? Have a happy Monday everyone!

– Abbe

Let It Be

1 Feb

Today I wanted to share how creating custom art from an existing piece is easy and affordable. I have worked with artist Chris Judy on commissioned pieces as well as recreations of his existing works.  You can see more details on his latest commissioned piece for one of my clients HERE & HERE.

Let It Be is one of my absolute favorite pieces from  Chris’ collection and it also happens to be the one most of my clients gravitate towards too.  Most of my clients are not looking to make an investment in commissioned art  but I think I have found a way to fill their need for “custom art” without breaking the budget. Chris is able to take a piece from existing collection, digitally change the colors and create a piece that is custom for the client. Each piece can be printed on canvas or archival paper and the sizes are made to fit the specified space.

Here is the original Let It Be

Here is the first custom piece we worked on. The client wanted to bring in a warm turquoise with pops of plum and lime green.

And a few images of it in the actually room it was customized for.

I am working on another bedroom in need of oversized art and turned to Chris for options. This guest bedroom has oversized furniture  and the teal, gold and ivory bedding look beautiful with the Venetian plaster and warm wood touches.  The room’s only blank wall is in need of a piece with rich color, bold scale and a contemporary feel.  We once again decided to work with Let It Be.

Here is the final draft, I can’t wait to see what my client thinks of the custom look.

The Arrangements

18 Jan

Carmel By The Sea

17 Nov

Day two of our vacation was another gorgeous day. The weather here in the Carmel area is warmer than usual. But, the crisp fall air is perfect for sight seeing!
Our hotel is simple, it’s an older building that has been remodeled in contemporary colors mixed with natural elements!
I fell in love with these oversized wingback chairs in the dining room! I think Dru is on board for something like this in our breakfast room!!!!

Here are a few pictures of the other areas in the dining room. The green leather chairs are a nice compliment to the oversized wingbacks! I love all of the color combinations in the space.

The faux stack stone on the fireplaces looks fabulous. You can not tell it’s faux until you touch it but the texture and color is beautiful!

The hotel has a textural vinyl wallcovering throughout the common areas in white. The depth of the pattern compliments the stone accents and is way more exciting than a boring paint.


We are off to watch the 2nd stage of Qschool and may catch a few practice rounds with the guys at Pebble or SpyGlass! Tomorrow, I will share more pictures from the beach, golf courses and details from our shopping trip!!

Pet Proof

24 Sep

Image: Here

Trying to find the best fabric for your furniture when you own cats or dogs can be a little complicated. While you may want that gorgeous linen sofa from Anthropologie, you know that your investment is ultimately at the mercy of your beloved pet. By simply climbing, sitting or walking on your furniture, your pet will eventually cause more wear and tear than you may want. As a mommy to two bird dogs, I can certainly attest to that!

Ivy thinks she has the right to every piece of furniture in our home…..

And Caddo prefers her hip Doggy Bed in Mod Green Pod fabric. Check out Jax & Bones organic bedding with Mod Green Pod’s fabrics!!

Here are some problems you might have to contend with:

  • Claw marks and scratches.
  • Pet hair clinging to the upholstery, an everyday problem at our house.
  • Dirt marks from dirty paws.

Having your pet trained to stay off of your furniture is the best solution, but let’s get real! I love snuggling with my girls on the couch but the aftermath can be a pain. There is nothing more embarrassing than having guest over with a fur-filled sofa or accent chair!

Here are a few of the best upholstery / fabric options for your furniture.


One of my first and favorite options! It resists stains, odors and bacteria so that they do not penetrate the fibers of the fabric. The color and texture options are great and your pet’s hair & dirty paws are no match for this fabric! Crypton fabrics used on furniture with an integrated moisture barrier is a great solution! The color, pattern and texture choices are fabulous and there are multiple sites online with tons of furniture styles!

Check out Slobproof!


Although it’s not cozy enough for me, leather can stand up to most pets. I’ve even noticed that some pets don’t care too much for sitting or sleeping on it. Even when they do leave a mess, dirt is easy to wipe clean and pet hair doesn’t cling to it. Your pet’s claws may leave holes, but they are usually not very noticeable. Try a distressed leather, it will conceal marks from claws and is easy to wipe down.

Zgallerie: Eddie Accent Chair

Stone House Imports has a great selection of distressed leather seating.

West Elm: Tulip Leather Chair

Image:Decor Pad


So your not into leather? Looking for something a little more on the softer side? Take a look at furniture in microfiber.


A synthetic fabric that is a great choice, simply because it is easy to maintain and wears well. Kitty claws can’t get caught in it, stains wipe away with a damp cloth and any pet hair vacuums or wipes off easily. Never use a wet towel or harsh cleaners on microfiber as they can damage the fabric.

Microfiber can have more of a modern look and comes in a variety of great neutrals and colors. Most retailers offer furniture fabric in microfiber and microvelvet so finding good options is easy these days.

Zgallerie: Pauline Chair

West Elm: Black Sofa

A patterned fabric might work better than a solid, but I would not recommend buying any fabric that is nubby or heavily textured, as your pet’s claws can easily get caught in it. Besides, it might be too much fun to scratch. Avoid fragile fabrics, such as silk, wool or linen. Tufts in furniture can be a serious pain to clean so think about cleaning each one of the tufts out on your piece…yikes!

Image: apartment therapy

Here are a few great patterns in durable fabrics.

Other fabrics that are sturdy and hold up well with dogs and cats are:



This post is dedicated to my college rommie, fellow Arkansan and Sorority Sister Sheri!

Oooohhhh Yes we did! We made our own toyota commercial…hmmm…..we had way to much free time in college!

Labor Day Weekend….Easy Kitchen Updates

3 Sep

Many of us can not afford to do a complete remodel or update to our home. But, there are a handful of ways to bring an updated feel with out breaking the bank. “Do it yourself” updates are usually easy and affordable changes that you can do on your own over the weekend or in just a few weeks!  Not only will these small changes freshen the appearance of your home, your hard work and investment will increase the value of your home!

Here are a few easy “updates”  you can complete over this Long Labor Day Weekend  or any weekend that will pay you back. The best news, each costs less than $1,000 and should require less than a day’s work.

Replace Sinks & Faucets

Estimated Price: Sink $400 & Faucet $150. If your  looking to spruce up your house, the kitchen is one of the first places you should start. You can replace a kitchen sink and faucet yourself in a matter of hours.

I LOVE this stainless apron front Kohler sink! It has been on my “to-do” list for our kitchen. We had this sink in our last home and it was awesome. Washing large pots is super easy. It isn’t exactly on the lower end of the price range but worth the investment in my opinion.

Find this one here

I love the look of this sink in the HGTV Green Kitchen. The stainless steel rectangle sink gives you a modern look and instant update.

Pot Fillers anyone? I’m a fan, just wish I had a place to install on in my kitchen!

Image: Decor Pad

We used this gorgeous faucet in a recent kitchen remodel! It totally made the kitchen pop! Your kitchen faucet can be a focal point in the room if you can’t afford to replace any thing else!


Estimated Price: $14-20 per square foot depending on the brand, style and material you choose.  An updated backsplash is the easiest way to add pizazz to your kitchen.  You can go from country to modern in a snap with a variety of options for finishes and colors. To save money, time and frustration, consider the peel-and-stick tile options now available.  They’re not as bad as you think…they are attractive and will do the job if that’s all you can afford

Keep is simple: We used a white subway tile from Dal-Tile  for the backsplash in this kitchen. It’s clean, fresh and affordable. Subway tiles are available in multiple sizes and colors. The glass subway tiles are beautiful too.

Image: Decor Pad

Here are a few options for great looking affordable backsplash options,  Design for less has beautiful options.

Check out their great sale items too!!!

Image: Decor Pad

This was a bungalow kitchen that we remodeled last year! The backsplash was affordable and brought a modern feel to the new space.

Looking trendy, 2011

27 Aug