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21 Feb


Metal & Mesh

31 Jan

Whiting and Davis, a producer of metal mesh products used for things like decorative architectural designs, industrial uses like protective shark mesh suits and, of course, for fashion.  Whiting and Davis also produced costume jewelry until the 1980’s.  The brand is also known for its dainty mesh handbags and the material has been used by designers like Catharine MalandrinoMichael Kors and more.

“These intricate materials look like metal covered fabrics but upon a closer inspection these lustrous materials are an intricate weave of interlocking metal links formed from rings of solid brass, aluminum, or stainless steel, plated or enameled, and polished to a brilliant finish.” You have seen this material on runways and in stores in the form of shoes, dresses, tops and handbags.

From accent pillows to window coverings, room dividers, and back drops, its applications are seemingly endless.  Beyond the luxurious opulence you may associate with the product, it can create an atmosphere of industrial or contemporary edginess.

Aside from its aforementioned use in the fashion world, it can be used for industrial, architectural and scientific applications as well as jewelry and home décor. “It is an intricate weave of interlocking metal links formed from rings of solid brass, aluminum or stainless steel, plated or enameled, and polished to a brilliant finish,” according to the company. It can drape like fabric while providing the longevity of metal. “This luxurious material ripples through the fingers like liquid gold…”

Chatting with Christen Maxwell

28 Jan

Deer Dallas

25 Jan

This week I had the pleasure of meeting  Rachael Laine,  a professional photographer/stylist.  Rachael recently moved to Dallas from NYC a few months ago and is taking Big D head on!  She is also in the works of launching  A resource for all things fashion, art, design and entertainment in Dallas on more of a trendsetter, eco chic level.  Basically the site will be full of “photo essays/stories” profiling local designers and businesses, with a few paragraphs about the subject.

The is on twitter right now as @pinkantlers and on facebook by using the email: and the site is being built as we speak. I can’t wait to see what story Rachael launches first. And keep an eye out for fun Studio Ten 25 appearances on Deer Dallas in the coming months!

I also wanted to share a little bit of Rachael’s photography. While she was in NYC, Racchael worked on shoots for companies like Victoria’s Secret, Jonathan Adler, W Hotels, Marie Claire Magazine and on and on and on! Check out her site And if your in the Dallas area and looking for someone to help with marketing or headshots, give her a shout.

Stylish Blogger Award

24 Jan

Peacocks, Honeysuckle & Glitzy Accents

5 Jan


p and t

2 Dec

There are days around the Studio when finding any shred of inspiration is just…well…exhausting.  Looking for unique and dazzling ways to create something fabulous for each project can bring a fresh perspective to the design process.  Just when I was about to click the round “x” button at the top left of my screen…I spotted this fabulous black and white room.

Let the inspiration pour, P and T interiors in New York are officially my new design crush!  I love the lack of, as well as the brazen use of color in their projects.  Gorgeous fabrics, tons of texture and all done with simplicity.