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Sitting Room Before & After

18 Feb

Because you asked…

16 Feb

Including The Whole Family

8 Feb

My husband and I left Dallas on Super Bowl weekend and headed to South Texas to spend time with good friends. They recently moved into a new home that they spent months remodeling and the result is fabulous. They have three of the THE MOST adorable little boys you have ever seen and from the moment we walked into the house, there was no doubt where the heart of their home was. Their HUGE open kitchen is now three times the size of the original and the island is definitely the hub of the entire family space.

Modern white cabinets with stainless hardware,  subway tile backsplash in three tones of white,  slate floors, Deep Gray Ceasar Stone countertops and top of the line Jenn Air appliances create a fresh open space for the family of five to hang out.

The island is always being used for art projects. Emilio was drawing a picture for me here, and  a few of us chipped in to help with his Valentine shoe box project the following morning.

We made homemade pizzas one night…it was a mess but a blast and sooo yummy!

Directly across from the kitchen is the family room and casual dining area. The boys were always at the table playing games or having a snack.  My favorite thing about this part of the space is the boy’s art work. It’s nothing new to parents,  but using your children’s art can really personalize a space allow everyone in the family to have a part in accessorizing the home. I love how their mother framed these colorful kangaroo paintings, they brought in the pop of color that they love and the pieces are modern enough to compliment the feel of the home.

Having a cup of coffee from the Saeco coffee machine was a morning ritual. These coffee painting by the oldest boys were adorable and proudly hung in the area too. What a fabulous weekend, I’m wishing Caddo & Ivy made pieces like this while they were at doggy such luck!

Can’t Live Without…

7 Feb

I recently completed an upcoming interview for a fabulous blog and I was asked…

Are there any tools (apps, programs or even just a favorite brand of glue) that you can’t live without?  Tell me what you love about it/them.

Wow, I’m feeling a bit excessive now as I think about this one. So, here we go!  My tape measure, fine point sharpie pens (pink, grey & kelly green are my favs) and  a small notebook are my can’t live withouts.  You never know when you need to measure something and write down the details.  Of course I need a fabulous bag that holds everything too, I love my anthracite pompon because it’s big,(but not too big)  classic and has giant gold hardware! As for programs… Icovia is my go to for floor plans while Adobe Photoshop Elements helps me put it all together.  And of course my Macbook and iPhone are crucial to staying productive.

My favorite places for chic notebooks or “jotters” are Smock & IOMOI. There is nothing better than a fancy little notebook that fits perfectly inside your purse. My go to pens…fine point sharpies and Le Pen! What’s on your list? Have a happy Monday everyone!

– Abbe

Snow Day #3

3 Feb

Sooo….it’s been a bit boring around The Studio the past few days and with business closing because of the “rolling blackouts” it’s pretty lame around here. Since the sleet/ice/snow hit Dallas Monday night, running errands and getting work done has been a big challenge.  Plus, who wants to sit in traffic on ice covered roads?  My hubby has 4 wheel drive on the truck and it has helped fight off cabin fever. We have made random trips to Target and the local Mexican restaurant but that’s about it.

I thought I would share a few pics from the past two days around The Studio. The girls have been stir crazy and Ivy refuses to go out on the ice at all. I love how they pop into the office every so often to say hello.  Caddo loves to give kisses and drop her squeaky toys by my feet to see if I’ll give into her fetch game.

Ivy on the other hand is board with it all. Just when I think she wants in my lap to be sweet, she tries to snag my hot chocolate!

And with all of this office time on my hands, I have managed to update SHOP TEN 25 with our latest vendor, MAE WEST HOME.  MWH hand makes each of the gorgeous pillows with fabrics from designers like Kelly Wearstler and David Hicks. Invisible zippers, silk velvet backings and down inserts….Oh MY!  I can’t wait to add her custom shower curtains and more pillows with fabrics from Windsor Smith & Barbara Barry too.

New Year | New Look

21 Jan

I am sooooo excited to show you a sneak peek of the new STUDIO TEN 25 design site and blog.

Sam & Kevin from Swoon [The Studio] are rockin in out and I could not be any happier with the progress they have made over the past few months. Don’t get me wrong, I love my current site and blog, but I was becoming limited on what I could add, change or customize. I have been a HUGE fan of Sam’s for a while now and knew she was my go to girl for designing my new look!  I encourage you to visit their site as well as her blog, style/SWOON. You’ll see their work in many Dallas publications and their creations for  The Dallas Cowboys and Neiman Marcus are Ahhhhmazing!

It’s all me with a chic new upgraded look  including quatrefoils, a glamourous feel and of course touches of PINK! Keep an eye out for the launch of our new site and blog soon! Until then, I would love to know what you think of the sneak peak!

I’m Takin’ it back to the 70’s!

7 Jan

Time for a little flashback! I love the memories I have of my early childhood even though they are mostly from photographs. My parents…well my dad…was very snap happy. He was always snapping pictures! I was an only child and the first grandchild so I can only assume that was the reason for the camera catching every moment.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad I have them to look at now.

I though some of the decor from my childhood rooms needed to see the light of day. Let me prepare you with words like…..flame stitch, burnt orange, mickey mouse, shag carpet and retro wallpaper…It’s going to be interesting.

My mother was always into design on some level. She is a fabulous seamstress (self taught) and was always into the latest in fashion and design. You would never catch her doing projects around the house in sweats. Oh no, she always had her hair done and was sporting her Jordache Jeans!

Here she is painting

….and apparently annoyed that my dad was taking pictures while she was trying to hang this “fabulous” owl picture. I think it was furry.

I came across these pictures from my first room as a baby/toddler.  The crib was on one side of the room and my parents had a full size bed on the other side.  Green gingham was apparently all the rage in 1976!  That doll is a bit creepy don’t you think? My grandma thought it would make a cute picture to have the doll holding me.  I remember that needlepoint puppy pillow, we had it for years.

Here is the crib on the other side of the room. The mobile is super retro and that blue bird is huge. Do you think there was any lead paint on that crib?

So now I’m a toddler and looking stylish next to my “big girl” bed, nice gold side rail. All of the toys up on the window seal crack me up.

One of the first pieces of proof that I was ready to re-decorate my room.

We had to clear out the room to make way for the RAINBOW BEDSPREAD and awesome yellow floorlamp!! Wowza!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from our house.  Flame stitch sofa with needlepoint pillows! My mom LOVED flame stitch so much that she purchased a pink & lavender flame stitch sofa in the 80’s. I finally got her to recover it last year….I’m so not kidding.

Oh and it gets better! WALLPAPER!! Who knew it would make such a comeback? Loving the orange stripes and gold floral pattern in the bathroom.

So, after the divorce I had my own room at my Dad’s new house.  How about the flower make up mirror and kitten pics over the bed. Lovley.

I hope you enjoyed the blast from my past and the mini 70’s tour!  I have many more pics to show off soon, this time I’ll be going back to the 80’s and showing you my mother’s obsession for ceramic & porcelain tile!!!