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Sitting Pretty / Home Away From Home

25 Jan


When Arden wrote to us for help with the living room in her new high rise condo we could hardly wait to get started! Arden describes herself as an ambitious career girl who’s fashion sense just doesn’t carry over to her home. Now that she has moved into her new condo, she is ready to upgrade from her mix matched furniture to a hip, elegant and stylish look that will have her proud to host a fabulous soiree.
Take a look at Arden’s design dilemma:
I came across your blog while I searching for design ideas to use in my new condo. I would describe myself as an ambitious career girl who’s fashion sense just doesn’t carry over into my home! I am ready to have more of a refined look in the new space and am committed to investing in quality pieces. In the past I have never wanted to spend money decorating because I have always rented. Now that I am in my first place, I am ready to invest in pieces that will become staples in my home. It’s crazy how easily I can pull an outfit and accessories together but when it comes to my home, I don’t know what to do!” I am drawn to neutrals but am open to small touches of color. I want the space to be glamorous, refined, but still comfortable to hang out in. The space will be used frequently to host my company and industry cocktail parties so it needs to be something that makes people say “wow” when they come in. I find myself drawn to the fabulous lobbies in boutique hotels, especially the grand draperies, cool wallpapers and fabulous details.
No purple, red or pink please! I also have issues with floral patterns and don’t care for chunky furniture. I do love mirrored and glass pieces but only in small doses. I am also open to wallpaper if it is neutral and I would like a few pieces of Art too. I was thinking the long wall to the left would be a good place. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I would like to get started right way so I will be waiting as patiently as I can.
We think  Arden will love our ideas and overall look for her living room.  She should be sitting pretty in no time!
1. We started with the color palette for Arden’s living room. Nothing says glamorous more than refined colors, rich fabrics and a touch of shine! We suggest Arden leave her existing neutral wall color and creme trim and allow the furniture and accessories to bring in the touch of color she is looking for.  Now, for the breakdown.
2. Arden has the most amazing  hardwood floors with a deep walnut finish  in her condo. This hand tufted wool blend peacock rug will break up the expansive wood flooring and help to ground the main sitting area. The large pattern is bold in design but subtle in color. The eye of each feather will set the stage for the creamy neutrals and pops of sky and teal blue in the room.
3. Let’s move on to seating. This black velvet sofa has ruched detailing as well as a tufted back and base.  The metallic legs complete the stunning details that make this sofa scream boutique hotel.  At 81″ long, Arden should be able to comfortably seat three guest during a cocktail party.
4. This handsome pair of 1940’s Hollywood Regency high back chairs are the perfect compliment to the black velvet sofa. The winged side design and walnut lets will look fabulous with the existing floors and new style of the room.
5. Arden mentioned that she likes mirrored and glass pieces..but just a touch is all she is after. This stunning glass and forged iron silver leaf table will do just that. Considering the darkness and weight of the sofa, we don’t want to have a heavy piece in the middle of the sitting area. The openness of the coffee table will also allow that fabulous rug to be shown off as well!
6. We must continue to balance the heaviness of the sofa. These side tables will do just that! They have an antiqued mirrored top and gold finish that will tie in perfectly with the rug.
7. You can never go wrong with X benches! These Rococo style benches are covered in a tan linen with nail head trim and are going to be the perfect place for guest to sit and socialize during Arden’s cocktail parties! The style, color and thickness of the legs will balance out the sleek legs from the other pieces.
8. These sky blue, chocolate and gold lamps will make a bold statement next to the black velvet sofa. The ivory shade  picks up the chocolate stripe from the lamp and gives the shade a custom touch.
9. In Arden’s project questionnaire, she asked us to come up a solution for more lighting in the space. The room is flooded with a soft light from the floor to ceiling windows by day, so we need to create a soft glow for her evening parties. This Jet Black Crystal Chandelier will look amazing centered over the coffee table. The daytime light will make this piece a show stopper by bouncing light off of the crystals.  During the evening, it will continue to bounce light around the room and give Arden’s living room the “Wow” factor she is looking for.
10. Since Arden mentioned her love for boutique hotel lobbies and their fabulous wall coverings, why not add a stunning  yet simple stated pattern to the long feature wall! The first thing you see as you enter the apartment is the amazing view through the full length windows. To the left is an amazing fireplace complete with gold metallic mosaic tile details. This intricate  faceted  starburst design in cream and silver/gold will help to finish off that wall. The color and pattern are just simple enough and will blend in perfectly while adding  a bit of needed pattern to the space.
11. While we are talking walls, let’s talk about this black and gilded mirror! It will look amazing over the fireplace and should tie in perfectly with the starbust pattern from the wallpaper. Of course it will bring a bit of needed balance to the black velvet sofa and crystal chandelier too!
12. Arden asked for art  but she doesn’t have the wall space to display much. This 30″x40″ archival pigment butterfly print  will look amazing on the tall and narrow open wall opposite of the fireplace. The colors are perfect for the space and I love how it plays off of the eyes in peacock feathers on the rug!
13. One last final touch…draperies. These silk taffeta multistripe drapes in a soft teal blue are just what this room needs to feel complete. They will hang from floor to ceiling on each end of the windows and will soften the harshness of the modern windows.
In order to respect the privacy of our clients, Studio Ten.25 does not publish the private details (photographs, questionnaires or locations) of our clients Home away from home projects.