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I’m Back!!

29 Aug

We just returned from our two week vacation in Colorado!  We had a blast and I am in love with the mountains in the summer. All of the fresh air, wildflowers and cool mornings do something special to your soul. Most of our time was spent not even worrying about what time it was. It took me a few days to wind down and get work off of my mind but I finally relaxed. IMG_5818

We fished, hiked, cooked out and tried to visit as many small towns as possible. The dogs had a blast running around and jumping in and out of the freezing cold rivers. Adjusting to city life again has been a bummer, there is something special about not having a care in the world, seeing the entire creation of stars in the sky and feeling so tiny among the amazing creations of God.  Ok, I have to admit that I REALLY MISSED STARBUCKS!!

I am working on a few new post for the blog, home away from home projects and am in the process of updating the website…YAY!! Here are a few pics from the trip…..enjoy.

IMG_5846 IMG_6093 IMG_5981

IMG_5947 IMG_6132 IMG_6011