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Lighting….To the Maxx

26 May

I am always out and about searching for high style at a great price…aren’t we all these days!  I was at my local TJ Maxx homegoods store just snooping around and was blown away by their lamp section.  FABULOUS acrylic, chrome and metal  bases with stunning lines and the shades were actually good.  Of course my favorite…the mirrored darlings in all shapes in sizes!!  I couldn’t contain my excitement so I started snapping pics with my iPhone! So please excuse the furry and not so focused pics.

Take a look at these beauties!! Fabulous black detail on the shades and the “chrome” base looks great for $49.99!  The lamps have a good feel to them and all of the parts are sturdy.  The best part, TJ Maxx already has light bulbs in them!! I always forget to buy light bulbs for the lighting in my projects!  High style at  $39.99, $49.99 and $59.99! You can’t go wrong with these prices and although some say “you get what you pay for”….I have to disagree here!!  They are the perfect touch to any room and the quality is just fine!

IMG_0458 IMG_0456

Let’s take this a bit further and show you how one of these stunners went from the TJ Maxx Homegood’s  shelf to my client’s bedside tables in his loft…..BEFORE: Sitting on the shelf just begging to be taken home


AFTER: The perfect addition to this loft’s master bedroom!

IMG_5465 IMG_5456


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