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Cornice Board..funny name…fab design

23 Jun

I was inspired by this image with the black and white cornice board and drapes. When I started on this living room project, it was one of the first images that I put away in my “inspiration file” for the client.  Since we were moving forward with a black and white base for the room, this was the perfect way to pull the room together.

Image Source: Decor Pad

I was there for the installation of my client’s cornice board and drapes. Since their  three 9′ high windows are a focal point as you enter the room, I wanted to soften them and make them part of the room. Before they were stark, harsh and didn’t relate to the rest of the room. I wanted the room to relate to the beautiful view and not take away from it.


Now, the windows are still the main focal point of the room. The addition of the cornice board and drapes compliment them and now tie in with the rest of the room. The view is still visible, now it has become part of the room. We are getting very close to finishing the space! The final touches are on the way!

I looked into a few options for having the cornice board made. Since the wall was over 10′ wide, I decided to use my local drapery workroom to create everything to my exact dimensions.  I wanted the drapes to be stationary and soften the sides of the windows. We added matching roman shades in the windows so there is no need to have drapery that moves to cover the windows. Neat and tidy is the end result.

Here are a few detail shots of the installers placing the drapes up under the cornice board.  You can see where the drapery rod mounts have been attached.

Now they have the drape on a pre-cut curtain rod and they are attaching it to the mounting brackets.

Now that the drapes are attached to the cornice board, the installers are going to place the cornice board on the pre-mounted brackets and attach them.

Even though the cornice board and drapes are not bold in color or pattern, they make a big difference in this space. Now that the draperies are installed, it’s time to finalize the accessories and lighting!  Stay tuned, I will be posting more updates from this project. It’s going to be a chic yet comfortable home when we are finished!