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Stylish Blogger Award

24 Jan

Looking Back…Looking Forward

1 Jan


While I was on vacation last week I asked a few of my favorite bloggers to help keep the Studio Ten 25 blog going by guest blogging. The topic: What are you looking forward to in 2011?  They could talk about design, color or anything personal.  I want to say THANK YOU to the fabulous bloggers for sharing what they are looking forward to in 2011.

So today I thought I would take a look back at my favorite blog post from 2010. I noticed that a few of my favorite bloggers were doing the same thing and I wanted to join the fun.  Looking back on 2010 makes me smile, I have been so blessed to have wonderful clients,  friends & family who support me and a fabulous network of blogger friends to keep me going.

We…well…I spent most of 2010 completing our home.  After we moved in we ripped out the small garage and added a third bedroom and full bathroom.  Living in your home during a remodel is a nightmare, so we took a year off to enjoy the new changes.  As soon as 2010 arrived,  so did all of the new furniture and accessories!

See ya tinky garage…..

After: The small garage in now a comfortable guest room!

Here is a look at my favorite posts from this past year.


Best of the City – Modern Luxury Dallas – Being featured in a local Dallas magazine was the perfect way to kick off 2010.  It was my FIRST EVER magazine feature!


Home Office Update –  This was the priority room in my client’s home when we started the project.  From start to finish, this office took about six months to complete (waiting on back ordered pieces). The rug was so worth the wait,  I have never loved orange so much!!

MARCH 2010

How do you work? – I finally had a home office to call my own this month. I love my home office, it’s where I am inspired and one of my favorite spots to catch up on my soap opera while getting through my to-do list!


Master Bedroom Update – We also finished updating our frumpy master bedroom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room now. It’s calming, comfortable and I love waking up here!  My husband did have a few requests.

#1 “Let’s not go overkill on the mirrors.”  I just had pieces cut for the tops of the night stands and dresser.

#2 “Make sure the puppies won’t ruin anything, I don’t want to hear your complain that something was ruined.”  A white duvet that can be bleached…problem solved.

#3 ” Let’s reuse as much of our existing furniture as we can, this remodel thing is getting out of control $.”.  Problem solved! My mom helped me update the headboard, that was the biggest change.

APRIL 2010

Kate Inspired Me – I was walking through Neiman Marcus in Downtown Dallas (where Style/Swoon hosted a fabulous party) and spotted this Kate Spade outfit. It was the perfect piece of inspiration for one of the projects I was working on. I loved the black and white with turquoise and yellow accents. Perfectly Chic!

MAY 2010

Barking Hound Village Austin,TX –  In 2009 I worked with BHV to remodel an old Dallas steakhouse and turn it into a chic doggy daycare and boarding facility.  Now it was time to visit the existing Austin location and bring a fresh new look to the location. I think 2011 will bring more BHV locations…keeping my fingers crossed. I love working with Lisa & Jeremy Jones and Caddo & Ivy love going for daycare!

JUNE 2010

Cornice Board…funny name…fab design – I was so excited when the installation day for this cornice board came. I had been dying to use something like this in a project and my fabulous clients were on board…pun intended!

JULY 2010

Dwell with Dignity – This was the first time I was able to get a front row seat to the amazing work that Dwell with Dignity does in the Dallas Community.  Dallas Cowboy Martellus Bennett stopped by to give the boys a grand tour of their new digs! It was an amazing day, I will never forget the smiles on those young boy’s faces!


Custom furniture to the rescue –  I was on a budget and time crunch on this commercial project so I turned to my local upholstery workroom to create pieces from our inspiration images. I could not have been happier with the results, custom pieces are quickly becoming a staple in most of my projects these days.


September was a fabulous month!  I had another feature in Modern Luxury Dallas where I was able to talk about my obsession with Woodson & Rummerfield!

Before & After Dining Room- Whoo Hoo!!  We finally finished out dining room / Entry and since it’s one of the first rooms you see when entering out home…it was really about time!!


Ten 25= Three – Dru and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary and this post tells the story of how we named STUDIO TEN 25.

And it didn’t stop there! We were SO SUPER excited to have our home featured in The Dallas Morning News! Having photos of your house splashed across a section in the DMN is crazy!  My hubby said “now we can finally stop buying stuff since the house is decorated!”….Um not so fast…..I still have a few tricks up my sleeves for 2011!


Home Away From Home, Guest Room Update –  The online decorating side of my business has really taken off this year and this room was one of my favorites. I can’t wait to see pictures of the final installation.


Home for the Holidays Part 1 & 2 – I was flattered when the DMC asked me to participate in the 2010 Christmas Market Holiday House. I designed the dining room and the Hollywood Glam look was super Chic! I loved loved loved it, it was a fabulous experience.

I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2011, I have so many great things to share this year! Happy New Year


Guest Blogger: {Shoebox Decor}

27 Dec

I’ve shut down the Studio this week to spend time with my family and to prepare for the year ahead.  While I am out, I thought it would be nice to have guest bloggers instead of leaving the blog on vacation as well.  I have lined up 6 days of guest bloggers and the topic I asked them to focus on is: What are you most looking forward to for 2011?  The bloggers can focus on design, color, style or personal topics. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Enjoy and I’ll see back here January 3rd!

So today we start the guest blogger series and are excited to welcome Typhanie from SHOEBOX DECOR!   Shoebox Decor is full of great how-to’s, design inspiration and easy ways to implement affordable style in your home without breaking the bank!

Three Top Trends of 2011

Here are three trends in design that I’m looking forward to in 2011. They are in no particular order except for number one because I think vintage is always in style.

1. Vintage: As we all know we are still in a bit of a recession so feel free to pull out your grandmothers’ hand me down wingback chair and turn that neglected baby into a one of a kind show stopper. I love redoing vintage furniture because you can create something very unique on a very small budget. Whether it’s sanding and painting a Goodwill desk or reupholstering a craigslist find, redesigning vintage pieces will be a staple in 2011. I suggest picking up “TheFind” by Stan Williams to boost your inspiration in the New Year.

(Small Space Tip: Use rugs with bold colors or patterns to define and anchor your rooms.)

2. Honeysuckle: Remember when pink was a standard not a question? Well thanks to Pantone this will be true again. The Barbie in me was so excited when they announced Honeysuckle as the 2011 color of the year. You just don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for an excuse to use pink any and every where I can. The sad thing is, in design this color should be used cautiously and sporadically. A hint of pink on the walls, accent pillows or an area rug will do the trick. Avoid the desire to go full Barbie Dream House if you can. This is especially true if decorating for both sexes. The man in your life may not quite understand if he comes home to Honeysuckle Striped Walls.

(Small Space Tip: Make the largest wall in your small space an accent wall and your home will look a great deal bigger)

3. Wallpaper: Paint or wallpaper is always a big question for home owners when redesigning. With great new geometric patterns and vibrant colors on the market wallpaper will be making a comeback for home owners in 2011. I know there are a number of factors that go into making that decision but if price and maintenance aren’t an issue then bring out the rolls and plaster. To add more drama to your home (drama is always in style) choose wallpaper that has texture, beading, or even sequins. I myself am a big fan of linen paintable wallpaper and expect to see a lot more of it in 2011.

(Small Space Tip: Use a combo of wallpaper and paint to define the different rooms in your home.)

Well those are my top three trends for 2011. I hope you enjoy them but most of all I hope you enjoy redesigning your home in the coming New Year. If you would like more small space tips and DIY projects make sure to check out Shoebox Décor…Happy New Year Everyone!