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We’ve Moved

22 Mar

If you haven’t noticed that we have moved yet or had the chance to subscribe by email or RSS here is the link to our new blog address.

Moving Day {The Big Reveal}

27 Feb


Today is moving day and I am happy unveil The Studio’s new look!  Our design website & blog have a new look and I hope you love it as much as I do.  It’s all me with a chic new upgraded look  including quatrefoils, a glamourous feel and of course touches of PINK.  Having the site, blog and my email down for a few days was strange feeling but I couldn’t be more pleased with the easy transition.

If you are a blog subscriber, please make sure to re-suscribe on the new blog and make sure you update you rss feeds too.

Sit Tight

24 Feb

We are switching over the blog the next few days and will be back with a new look and blog address! Our design website for Studio Ten 25 as well as the blog are getting a major overhaul and I can’t wait to show it off!

So we may be MIA for a few days so sit tight. In the meantime, here is a look at the new site design… HERE

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

10 Feb

Today you can find me on the stylish and oh so pretty…Pretty Hous Blog.  Anne is an American living in Germany and her blog is spectacular. I love her writing style and the fact that she uses words like bubble, anecdotes & lush!  I only found her blog a few months  ago and was immediately smitten with her in depth content.  I was flattered when she contacted me for an interview and we covered so much that the pieces is broken into two parts.  Having to sit down and really think about how I create a project from a conversation with a client (as well as a few other important details) and what my business success and failures have been gave me a new outlook on Studio Ten 25.

I hope you have a chance to pop over to Anne’s blog to check out the two part interview as well as her blog. I provided a ton of images to tell my story and I hope that you enjoy seeing the daily happenings around Studio Ten 25 and Shop Ten 25.  And, I had to throw in a few family details too!

Visit Pretty Hous to see the latest post or..

See part one….HERE and        See part two….HERE


P.S. Dont forget about out $100 gift card give away and 15% off site wide at SHOP TEN 25.

Stylish Blogger Award

24 Jan

New Year | New Look

21 Jan

I am sooooo excited to show you a sneak peek of the new STUDIO TEN 25 design site and blog.

Sam & Kevin from Swoon [The Studio] are rockin in out and I could not be any happier with the progress they have made over the past few months. Don’t get me wrong, I love my current site and blog, but I was becoming limited on what I could add, change or customize. I have been a HUGE fan of Sam’s for a while now and knew she was my go to girl for designing my new look!  I encourage you to visit their site as well as her blog, style/SWOON. You’ll see their work in many Dallas publications and their creations for  The Dallas Cowboys and Neiman Marcus are Ahhhhmazing!

It’s all me with a chic new upgraded look  including quatrefoils, a glamourous feel and of course touches of PINK! Keep an eye out for the launch of our new site and blog soon! Until then, I would love to know what you think of the sneak peak!

Cleaning Out My Closet

13 Jan

I had finally had enough of my junky messy office closet this past weekend. I couldn’t even get the doors to close anymore and every time I tried to move something to get to something else…I ended up with a bigger mess.  I just couldn’t share the real before’s seriously embarrassing. Here was my end of the year solution, a little better but obviously still not working.

So, I did what any frustrated and unorganized designer would do…I called my mom. She recently moved and decided to take her existing Elfa storage system from The Container Store with her. There was a random mix of left over pieces so I asked her if she would be willing to part with them. FYI, my mother DOES NOT like to give or throw things away because “one day I will need them”.  It drives me crazy that she keeps everything, that’s why she needed the Elfa storage system to begin with!

After she gave me her “I told you so grin”, I headed over to my local Container Store and had them draw up a free design plan to make the most of my space. I gave the designer details of what I needed and she came up with a simple design to help keep me organized.   The total parts list was about $500 so I headed over to my Mom’s to see if she had any of the pieces I needed.

Things were looking good, we found about half of the pieces on the parts list. A few of them needed to be cut to size, so I packed them up in the car and headed over to have them cut and pick up the new pieces.  So..yes…I was very glad that my Mom had the extra pieces in storage. I was able to save $250 after the 30% discount they are running on Elfa.

If you have never installed the Elfa System, I highly recommend it!  The Container Store provides you with drawings, directions and all the parts and pieces to hang the system.  Once the main top rail is installed, everything goes together pretty quickly.


I’m pretty happy with the end result. I now have drawers to keep my fabric samples organized by color! I am also using the drawers to keep my loose stone and wallcovering samples.

I now have a place to keep my current project files, before they were piled up on the floor and always in the way.

My product catalogues, paint decks, and tile samples now have a real home and area easy to find.

Studio Ten 25 Is In The HOUZZ!!

6 Jan

Modern Gingerbread

26 Dec

I love the look of a homemade gingerbread house!  But, I have never seen one that has a modern updated look in a store. They are always the standard cottage with gumdrop and peppermint accents. I’m not complaining, I love the traditional gingerbread house but how awesome are these?  I think I will have to make a custom gingerbread house next year!

Image Via: Kristina Hahn Atelier

Image Via: Flicker

Image Via: Apartment Therapy

This house is so awesome! It doesn’t even look like gingerbread.

Image Via: Interior Warrior

Image Via: Red Envelope

Image Via: Stacy Kelley

Image  Via: Bliss Tree

Merry Christmas

25 Dec

Thank you for supporting my blog in 2010. Your comments, kuddos & loyalty have kept me going this past year and I am looking forward to a great 2011 with you all!   Merry Christmas.

With Love,